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Should I fill an old cavity wall with insulation?

We have been asked this question several times and unfortunately there is no simple answer. Let us first of all go through the benefits of cavity wall insulation.

Benefits of modern cavity wall insulation

If it is added retrospectively it will improve the thermal properties of the building, as most buildings have a large wall area it can have a good impact, though not as good as adding insulation within the roof but far better than adding double glazing (unless you have a larger area of windows than brickwork, which is unusual to say the least).


Is retrospective filling of cavity bad?

Where a cavity is filled retrospectively it can cause problems. This is because originally the cavity wall ties were not galvanised and therefore prone they rust, so any dampness in a cavity can cause this rusting. As explained, the outer layer of brick gets wet and dries with the natural cycle, it stays wetter in areas where the sun cannot get to it and where there is a lack of air movement. Unfortunately, the older original style of insulation is said to encourage the dampness across the cavity and into the inner brick or blockwork, meaning some dampness can get through the inside of the property.

Whilst we think that problems with dampness has been exaggerated out of all proportion by those that have a vested interest in the damp proofing industry it can nevertheless look unsightly and be a health problem in extreme circumstances (or so we are lead to believe by what we believe). The other problem with pumps or blown insulation is even where there wasn't a problem originally the insulation does tend to pack down over the years and this can then cause a problem. We are currently dealing with one property where this appears to be the problem and we are literally trying everything else first to establish if it could be anything else, as it is very difficult to remove the blown/pumped insulation.


Cavity wall problems are not always wall ties

Another problem with a cavity wall is that they are sometimes put up to a poor standard, meaning that internally the brick mortar is rejecting rather than being cleaned off. This can, in turn and in time, lead to dampness bridging the cavity. If of course it's also in touch with one of the old style wall ties that rust then you could well have dampness and a degrading wall tie.

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