Foundations and Structures and
Settlement and Subsidence and

Whenever settlement, subsidence or underpinning is mentioned we get very concerned, in many cases rightly so. We would always say if you really like the property and it has suffered from settlement, subsidence or had underpinning work then do talk to us and do have a structural survey carried out. Our structural surveyors will be able to advise you of the problems and ensure that you go into buying the property with your eyes wide open.

Concrete underpinning sketch

Concrete underpinning

Mass Concrete underpinning_section

Mass concrete underpinning

We would also add that we can advise on how structural problems will affect value which can be considerable and should be part of the equation when you buy a property. By identifying any structural problems prior to purchasing a property you are then in a position to negotiate a price reduction if you still decide to buy the property.

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