Helpful Survey Questionnaire

When you are buying a house it is always important to find out as much as possible about the property, which is why having a structural building survey carried out by our experienced, professional Building Surveyors is essential.  All our Building Surveyors are Independent, which means that they work for you and only you and are not affiliated with the estate agency, bank or mortgage company therefore we can give you 100% impartial property advice.  

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Questionnaire providing helpful property information

When our Building Surveyors have been commissioned to carry out a structural survey on a property for our customers we ask the vendor selling the property to complete a Vendors Questionnaire.  The Vendors Questionnaire is sent ahead of the building survey to enable the vendor to have sufficient time to complete.  Of course, if the vendor is unsure of any of the answers to any of the questions or where they do not apply they simply answer with not applicable or not known.

The Vendors Questionnaire is a very helpful way of the vendor co-operating with our Surveyors to provide various answers to helpful questions such as where is the external and internal stopcock located? and when was the property last painted externally?

Most questions have a simple Yes / No answer whereas a few others require more detailed answers.  Furthermore, there is an opportunity for the vendor to add any other matters, which may be of interest/help to the Surveyor that are not covered by the questions in the Questionnaire.

Helpful Survey Questionnaire Sections

We understand that Questionnaires can be time consuming and as we live in a world where time is precious we have made our survey vendor questionnaire as short as possible dividing into easy to read sections.  Of course, there is quite a lot of information that is helpful for the prospective purchaser so completing as many questions as possible will help your house sale .

1. General Information

Contact us 0800 298 54241.1    How long have you lived at the property?

1.2    How old is the main property?

1.3    Has the property been extended or altered?   YES/NO

           If YES - how long ago?

1.4    Are you aware of any disputes with neighbours in respect of boundaries, trees, etc?   YES/NO

1.5    Have you experienced any flooding at the property?    YES/NO

          If YES - when?

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2. Planning

2.1    Are there any approved plans for extensions still current, but not yet carried out?    YES/NO

2.2    Are you aware of any planning/highway proposals that will affect the property?    YES/NO

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3. Services

3.1    Location

1960s to 1970s fuse board
Typical 1960s/70s Fuse board

3.1.1    Where is the External Stopcock located?

3.1.2    Where is the Internal Stopcock located?

3.1.3    Where is the Electricity mains on/off switch located?

3.1.4    Where is the Fuse box/circuit breaker located?

3.1.5    Where is the Gas on/off control located?

3.1.6    Where is the Fire Alarm located?

3.1.7    Where is the Alarm located?

3.2    Drainage

typical house drainage
House drainage

3.2.1    Is the property connected to Mains drainage / Septic tank / Cess pool?

3.2.2    Is any part of the drainage system shared?    YES/NO

3.2.3    If manholes are not located within the boundaries of the site where are they located?

3.3    Plumbing

3.3.1    Have there been any plumbing leaks within the last 5 years (if so please give details)?    YES/NO

3.4    Heating

Older boiler
Typical older boiler and heating system

3.4.1    How is hot water / central heating supplied?

3.4.2    Is the heating system regularly serviced (please give details of when last serviced)?  YES/NO

3.4.3    How old is the boiler installation?

3.5    Electricity

Satisfactory Earth Test
Satisfactory Earth Test

3.5.1    When was the electric system last tested ?

3.5.2    Has the system been extended / altered ?    YES/NO

               If YES, when and what?

YES our Building Surveyors will visually inspect the services  - Free Phone 0800 298 5424 today!

4. Structure

4.1    Structural Alterations / Additions

4.1.1    Have any structural alterations or additions been made?    YES/NO

4.1.2    If YES, was Planning Permission /Building Control Approval obtained?    YES/NO

4.2    Chimneys

4.2.1    Are the chimneys in the property in use?     YES NO

               If YES, when were they last swept ?

4.2.2    Have any chimneys/chimney breasts been removed in whole or in part ?    YES/NO


Gallows brackets
Gallows brackets
Chimney removed
Chimney removed

4.3    Roofs

4.3.1    Have there been any recent roof leaks?    YES/NO

4.3.2    In the case of any flat roofs please advise when last re-covered and by whom?

4.3.3    Is the roof space boarded out?

4.4    Walls

4.4.1    Have the walls been insulated?    YES/NO

4.4.2    Have any wall ties been replaced ?  YES/NO


Ponding on a flat roof
Ponding on a flat roof
Floor joists not tied into structure
Floor joists not tied into structure

4.5    Subsidence / Settlement / Movement

Underpinning - concrete
Underpinning - concrete

4.5.1    Are you aware of any settlement / subsidence / movement to the property?    YES/NO

4.5.2    Are you aware of any internal or external cracks to the property?    YES/NO

               If YES, please give details

4.5.3    Has the property ever been monitored for/reported on regarding structural movement?    YES/NO

               If YES, please give details

4.5.4   Has the property/foundations been underpinned?    YES/NO

               If YES, please give details

4.5.5    Has any insurance claim been made in relation to subsidence/settlement/movement?    YES/NO

YES our Building Surveyors will inspect the roof where access is possible  - Free Phone 0800 298 5424 today!

5. Decorations

5.1    When was the property last painted externally?

5.2    When was the property last painted internally?    Ongoing / Every few years / Other

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6. Timber/Damp Treatment

Find out more 0800 298 54246.1    Has any timber infestation (woodworm) treatment taken place?    YES/NO

6.2    Are you aware of any dry rot / wet rot in the property?    YES/NO

          If YES, has/have the area/areas been treated?

6.3    Has a Damp Proof Course been inserted /reinserted ?    YES/NO

YES, our Surveyors use the latest surveying equipment including damp meters and thermal imaging cameras

7. Hazards

Areas where Asbestos can be found inside a house

7.1    Are you aware of any hazards to the property such as Radon/ electro magnetic fields?    YES/NO

7.2    Are you aware of any asbestos in the property (including garage if applicable)?    YES/NO

7.3    Are you aware of any lead pipework to the property ?    YES/NO

8. Externally

Trees influencing distance
Trees influencing distance

8.1    Are there any paths, drives etc used jointly with anyone else?    YES/NO

8.2    Which boundary fences/walls are you responsible for?

8.3    Are there any issues relating to trees/hedges in your/the adjoining property?    YES/NO

          If YES, please give details

9. Any other matters which may be of interest/help to the Surveyor

9.1    Please detail here any other relevant information not covered by our questions.


When buying a new home it is always helpful if the vendor can complete our Helpful Survey Questionnaire as this information is very important.

How the vendor can help the Surveyor on the day of the structural building survey

To help the Surveyor on the day of the building survey the vendor can help by:-

  1. Clearing out airing cupboards etc in which hot water cylinders, stop cocks etc are located;
  2. Clearing access into any roof spaces;
  3. Making available keys to window locks;
  4. Arranging for the central heating and radiators to be turned on at some point during the survey;
  5. Making available any copies of guarantees for double glazing, woodworm treatment etc;

Gaining access to inspect areas that are uncluttered will allow the Surveyor to inspect the area thoroughly such as viewing the roof timbers.

Helpful Survey Questionnaire complete ✅

Once the questionnaire has been completed we simply ask for it to be signed by the owner of the property and dated and either sent to us prior to the survey or given to our Surveyor on the day of the survey.

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