3 Ways to Save Money when Buying a House 

You will be surprised how expensive building repairs can be


waste both Your time and money (both of which you never get back)

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Buying a house is most likely the most expensive purchase you will make - why risk not knowing what you are buying?  

A Building Survey will identify any property issues, give you solutions to any problems and anticipated costs, which you can then use to negotiate on the purchase price saving you time and money.

The emphasis is on the house purchaser in English law to discover any property defects, you may have come across the term "caveat emptor" which means "buyer beware" so having a Building Survey on your new home is essential.

3 Ways to Save Money when Buying a House

3. A Building Survey will ensure you really know what you are buying

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Building Surveys will identify building problems and help you avoid unexpected costs.

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Meet your Surveyor to talk about any property issues and ideas if you plan an extension

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Money Saving Building Surveys

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Thank you for visiting our website, we are passionate about property and helping our customers make the right choice when buying their new home.  Our Building Surveyor's respond quickly to your request to carry out a building survey and the report will be with you in a few days so you can ensure you make a fully informed decision and save money too.

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Free phone 0800 298 5424 to book your building survey.  We will note the property details and advise you of the time and day the Surveyor will carry out the full structural survey.  We will confirm all the details via email and give you details where you can log onto our website to see the progress of your survey report via your unique, password protected client area. FIND OUT MORE

Meet Your Surveyor

We always recommend, if you can, to meet with the Independent Chartered Building Surveyor on the day of the building survey.  You will be able to see first hand any property issues, talk through solutions and get a full understanding of the property.  You will also be able to talk to the Surveyor about any amendment or extension plans and receive ideas how to maximise your new living space.

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Within a few days of our Building Surveyor inspecting your property we will contact you to let your know your full structural Building Survey is ready.  You will be able to download your Building Survey from your unique, password protected area of our website.

3 Ways to Save Money when Buying a House

1. Our Surveyors provide a tailor-made service to meet your needs - we can also advise on extensions and alterations too.
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3 Ways to Save Money when Buying a House

2. Our Surveyors help you Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

Independent Surveyors

Independent Building Surveyors work for You and only You with your best interests at heart

Unique Survey Sketches

Our unique survey sketches ensure you fully understand any property issues or characteristics

3D models and layout plans

Helpful 3D models and layout plans will ensure you and your builder are on the same page

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Example surveys so you can see for yourself how a survey will help You make the right property decision

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We provide the best building surveys money can buy, don't just take our word for it read some of our customers testimonials below.

Are You Buying a property?  Get peace of mind with a Building Survey

Our Building Surveyors have been surveying all era's, types and styles of houses for many, many years.  House buyers who buy a new home without a building survey on average will face thousands of pounds in unexpected building repair bills after moving in.  Don't buy blind - a building survey is essential and prevents you from buying a property with a ticking time bomb of building issues.

Costly Roof Repairs Needed

Our Building Survey highlighted amongst other issues costly roof repairs required to this end of terrace house.

SURVEY SAVED £ thousand's

Poor Energy Efficiency

With energy costs ever increasing poor energy efficiency elements highlighted in the survey needed to be addressed.


Structural Movement and Cracking

A building survey highlighted this was a problem property and a high risk property if purchased.

SURVEY SAVED £ thousand's

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