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home is where the heart is

Home Sweet Home is a place of sanctuary and a place to feel secure and safe.

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Get peace of mind with a building survey – know the costs of problems before you buy and have the options and solutions explained clearly


Why should you have a Building Survey?

A Building Survey is always highly recommended as it will save you time and money.

We honestly, genuinely mean this.  Why? - find out more by reading on...

If you don't want to purchase a problem property then having a building survey will give you peace of mind. Why? Because our Surveyors who are building experts will inspect the property from chimney top to foundations externally and internally and provide a building survey.  The survey will describe:

Any property problems → give solutions →costs →so you can use this to negotiate.

Great value for money Surveys

Our Full Structural Surveys we believe are great value for money surveys particularly when compared against a Homebuyers Report or a Mortgage Valuation (which is not a survey at all). We believe our Full Structural Surveys are the best building surveys money can buy as they:-

  1. Problems explained using Sketches and Photos to help you

We not only include hundreds of high quality photos, including aerial view 360 photos to aid to explain any property issues we also include survey sketches.  The survey sketches are unique to us, we have hundreds that further aid to clarify any property concerns or characteristics.

Cracks of different types
cracking to brickwork
Diagonal crack between window and lintel
Cracks in brickwork red circle
Diagonal cracks can occur above or below a window

Take a look at some of our Free Surveying Articles by clicking on a link below:-

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       2.  Latest Survey Equipment used during our surveys

Horizontal Feather Edge Boarding

Thermal imaging cameras ♥

Using the latest surveying equipment our Building Surveyors provide accurate readings and analysis of property problems.

In the adjacent thermal image the upper part of the house has poor thermal qualities, there is cladding over possible blockwork in this area

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People usually are the happiest at home - William Shakespeare

Ensure you are happy ♥ with your new home with a Building Survey - Free Phone 0800 298 5424 today

       3.  Our Independent Surveyors work for You and only You


Buy a Home Survey from an Independent Building Surveyor

Being Independent Building Surveyors means we are not tied in with any banks, building societies, mortgage companies or estate agents so we completely have your best interests at heart.♥

A Home Survey from an Independent Building Surveyor who is 100% impartial will give you peace of mind
with a SURVEY
Free Phone
0800 298 5424

       4.  FREE Example Surveys


FREE Example Building Surveys

We believe that nothing is better than taking a look at an example of what you are going to buy before you buy.

We have examples of all Era's, types and styles of houses, bungalows and flats and can email you an example of a survey on a property similar to the property you are looking to buy. By looking at an example survey you will see the easy to read format which is jargon free and the enormous depth of our reports which will help you make the right choice for your next move.

example surveys click here copy

A home is the centre and circumference, the short and the finish, of most of our lives - Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Make sure you are happy ♥ with your new home with a Building Survey - Free Phone 0800 298 5424 today

       5.  Meet your friendly, experienced Surveyor


Meeting your Surveyor on the day of the Survey

Whenever possible, we always recommend meeting with your Surveyor at the property being surveyed on the day of the survey.  This will enable you to see first hand any property issues as well as you will be able to discuss any plans you may have for extending or amending the property in the future.  Our Building Surveyors have many, many years of experience and by meeting you will be able to understand fully any concerns you may have or help with suggestions for your plans.


Great floor plans


Still wondering whether to have a survey?

You might be still wondering whether to purchase a building survey? – when purchasing a new home it really is essential to buy a building survey.  

We believe our surveys are great value for money as you really do not want to move in only to find out that the house has expensive problems that you will then have to pay to fix. 

By having a survey it will give you peace of mind and save you money too.♥

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