HomeBuyers Report or Full Structural Survey?

Wonder if we are going to have a hot summer this year?

Are You deciding whether to have

a HomeBuyers Report or a Full Structural Survey?


3 Differences between a HomeBuyers Report and a Structural Survey

3. Structural Surveys are written in plain English with lots of survey sketches and photos

It’s that time of year when most of us are thinking will we have a hot summer this year and if you are moving house will you be in your new home soon?

Thanks for visiting our surveying website.  We assume that you are looking for a building survey perhaps wondering which type to book and you have also probably had a long day so we will start with a short quick version of why you should have a Full Structural Building Survey.

Most people book their surveys as one of the last things they do when they are buying a house (unless they have had a bad experience when buying a house and then it's often one of the first things they do). We are Surveyors and have surveyed most types of properties over the years and are experienced property experts. We are Independent Surveyors and are not owned by Estate Agents or Banks or Building Societies or Mortgage Companies – you will be surprised just how many Surveyors are (we believe the percentage is over 90%). We understand that you will be asking yourself the following question - what is the difference between a HomeBuyers Report and a Structural Survey?

3 Differences between a HomeBuyers Report and a Structural Survey

2. Structural Surveys identify problems giving solutions and costs every time.

Shall I have a Homebuyers Report or a Full Structural Survey?

Full Structural Survey

Our Full Structural Surveys generally cost about the same as a Homebuyers Report and cover so much more.  We always recommend a Full Structural Survey and are not keen on Homebuyers Reports (we will carry one out if you really insist) as they are very limited in what you can and cannot say. 

Homebuyers Report

A Homebuyers Report is almost a tick list report and we just do not feel that something as important and as expensive as a new house should be restricted with only a Homebuyers Report.

Great Value Surveys Fast

We do believe that our Full Structural Surveys are great value particularly when compared against a Homebuyers Report or a Mortgage Valuation (which is not a survey at all).

Don't delay book a Full Structural Survey today

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3 Differences between a HomeBuyers Report and a Structural Survey

1. We provide example Structural Surveys - challenge us to send you an example similar to the house you are looking at so you know the depth and quality of the structural survey you are buying

7 Reasons why our Full Structural Surveys are the Best Money can Buy


Independent Building Surveyors

All our Building Surveyors are Independent of all financial organisations. We do not buy and sell houses so there is no conflict of interest. We are working for you and have your best interests at heart.


Property Experts

All our Independent Surveyors are highly qualified, experienced property experts in all ages, types and styles of properties.


Plain English Building Surveys

Our Full Structural Surveys are written in plain English, jargon free and with a common sense approach. This ensures you fully understand any property issues that arise during the Full Structural Survey.


Good, Bad & Ugly Executive Summaries

Our Full Structural Survey format has been researched and revised over the decades. We always include an Executive Summary in our Building Surveys, which is clear and comprehensive with many survey digital photos, aerial view 360 photos, survey sketches and definitions of any technical terms.


Latest surveying equipment

All our Building Surveyors use the latest surveying equipment ensuring accurate measurements and analysis of the property including thermal imaging cameras, damp resistant meters, etc.

Our Surveyors use the latest Thermal Image Cameras

Dampness is frequently a concern. Get peace of mind with a Full Structural Survey



3D models and layout plans

If you are thinking about extending or amending the layout of your property then our Surveyors can help with a 3D model and/or layout plan to enable you to visualise any plans saving you time and money.

Find out more about how a 3D house model or layout plan can help you CLICK HERE


Building Surveyors meet you at the property

There is nothing better than meeting your Building Surveyor at the property on the day of the Full Structural Building Survey, although many other Surveyors we understand do not offer this. You will be able to talk to your Surveyor at first hand raising any of your property concerns or receive advice on any extension or amendment plans you wish to carry out.



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