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Our highly qualified Building Surveyors can offer you advice and help on buying a property. We carry out building surveys (also known as Structural Surveys), engineer's reports and home buyers reports. We also carry out Specific Defects Reports on such house problems things as chimney problems, dampness, cracking and much more.

As structural surveyors we look at all sorts of different problems relating to both internal and external cracking. You need to know when cracks relate to settlement or subsidence or heave. You also need to know the cause of the problem. It is no good sorting out the effect such as repairing the crack if you have clay ground conditions or there is a problem with a nearby tree.

Cracks in plaster

Cracking to plaster walls


Cracking to external wall

73 Vertical tiling

Sketch of a vertical crack


Sketch of a vertical crack

Surveying Articles

Please read our articles below and speak to a surveyor who will be happy to discuss cracking and movement in more detail.

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Examples of our unique building surveys

If you would like to see some examples of our building surveys we are more than happy to send you these via email. The surveys contain photos, sketches and definitions that help to explain the specific problems that we find within the property.


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