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Jeff Howell

For those of you who have not come across Jeff Howell we would introduce him as Jeff Howell the nuclear engineer (well that is what he tells us his degree was about), sometime bricklayer and chartered building surveyor.

Below are some of the articles about Jeff Howell.


Is it a house or is it a home?

We then moved onto more general topics about why house maintenance is just left in some many cases often up until the point where the building is sold or it becomes a major inconvenience or even as in some cases that we are called into where the matter has become legal in one way or another.


Why is building maintenance not valued?

Bearing in mind that a home is usually the most expensive thing everyone buys why do we not value it more and carry out maintenance. Is this because we simply are too busy or as we are only sold what people can make most profit out of?

Surely we are interested in saving money with energy efficiency


We discussed this area as people simply do not ask what the bills are when they come to buy a house and they often have far higher priorities such as is the location close to work, are there the good schools in the area etc, etc. In all our years carrying out building surveys for people purchasing properties,

It's simply something that we are never ever asked. However it is interesting that there is such a big push at the moment for the sustainable house or the eco house or green house and it may well become a bigger priority.

What else does Jeff Howell do?

Jeff Howell is after all a practicing Chartered Building Surveyor and Chartered Builder – he qualified whilst working at London South Bank University - and is happy to take on personal appointments to help you in the following areas:-

Specific Defects Reports

Jeff Howell is one of the UK 's leading independent experts in the area of dampness diagnosis and control. His independent advice has saved clients thousands of pounds that would have otherwise been wasted on unnecessary and ineffective “damp-proofing” work.

Specific Defects Reports


Jeff Howell will visit and inspect your property and advise you of any specific problems and will offer a Specific Defects Report. We have below some examples of Specific Defects Reports:-

Sample surveys:

Party Walls

Jeff Howell is also an experienced Party Wall surveyor.

Here is some brief information regarding Party Walls

The Party Wall Act Etc 1996 Defined

This is a structure where both parties enjoy the use or benefit of it. An example of this would be where both parties gain support from a wall or utilise a chimney or chimneys.

Any works to party wall structures, such as party walls or party chimney stacks, require prior agreement under the Party Wall Act.


Please see following articles on party walls which may be of interest to you:

Party Wall Basics

Party Wall Who's Who

Party Wall Surveyors Being Unreasonable

Party Walls Look Like This 

Jeff Howell of course has limited time due to other commitments and we will arrange another surveyor with your approval if he is not available. Please see following relevant articles:

French Drains

Dampness in Buildings, The Basics

Dampness, a Different View

Damp Walls

Condensation and Cold Bridging

Independent surveyors

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