Parapet Wall Problems

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What are Parapet Walls?

Parapet walls coping stones

Parapet walls are typically above roof level and often sit on the boundary of the property as illustrated by the sketch and photographs below.

Parapet walls are generally either brick built or render built sometimes with a coping stone.

Parapet wall

Parapet wall

Parapet wall

Georgian parapet walls

Parapet wall on Georgian property

Parapet walls were particularly popular during the Georgian Era.

These photos are to show the idea of a parapet wall rather than showing the exact detail you find in Georgian properties.

If you have a Georgian house or apartment and are concerned about the condition of the roof or parapet walls then call our Surveyors today for a friendly chat to find out more about how we can help you save time and money and avoid future property problems.

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Parapet wall to Georgian property

Hidden Front Georgian roof behind parapet walls

Close up of parapet wall showing no sign of roof


Georgian/Victorian parapet walls

Close up of Georgian/Victorian parapet wall

Parapet wall on Georgian roof


Victorian parapet walls

Brick parapet wall with lead flashing and concrete coping stone

Render parapet wall on Victorian property

Render repair on Victorian property


Parapet walls around flat roofs

Flat roof parapet wall

Flat roof papapet wall

Close up of flashing on flat roof parapet wall

Parapet Walls to Mansard Roof

Mansard roof

Mansard roofs typically have problems with regards to the drainage to the front and rear but this does depend upon the detail. Please see the sketches of a typical mansard roof and typical problems that can occur to the parapet wall.

Mansard roof

Parapet wall to Mansard roof


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Parapet wall finishes

Coping stones

Parapet walls coping stones

Many parapet walls are finished with a coping stone.


Brick parapet wall with a lead flashing and a concrete coping stone

Brick built with tile coping and flashband flashing

Brick built with lead flashing and tile


Rendered parapet wall with straight lead flashing

and a concrete coping stone

Rendered brick wall, flashband flashing,

lead covering over coping stone

Independent Surveyors

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Commercial Property

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