What do Purplebricks do?

or what do Purplebricks say that they do?

Purplebricks say are a team of professionals and experts in all areas of selling, buying, letting and renting. They work hard to support those wishing to use their service, aiming to make the process as stress-free as possible.  This is an interesting comment because as far as we can see they act for the seller so we are not sure how they can act for the buyer and act for the landlord so not sure how they can also act for the person renting without compromising their position for who they are working for?  They can, of course, give helpful advice to enable you to buy the property or rent the property.  This is very different from acting for the buyer or acting for the person renting.

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How can Purplebricks help me if I am a buyer?

If you are looking to buy a property Purplebricks say they are there to support you all the way through the process. Purplebricks will provide you with an estate agent who they call a local property expert who they say knows the local market.  

Our brief research shows that some people are querying this and at the time of writing one of the largest estate agency review websites has their reviews on hold due to legal threats that they are saying Purplebricks have made against them on bad reviews.  Have a search on the internet to find out more.

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What do Purplebricks do for you?

Purplebricks has one of the largest databases of buyers and in addition to creating a property advert for you, Purplebricks will also advertise your property on all the major websites, including Rightmove. A Purplebricks Expert will support you throughout the process, with their knowledge of the local market.

Purplebricks create photobooks

Purplebricks will also create a photobook of your property, which you can put on social media, helping to increase activity and interest around your property.  This is an interesting concept, we are not sure that other estate agents provide this or not be they online estate agents or traditional bricks and mortar estate agents.

We would say that generally details are getting far better that we find on properties particularly with the information including floorplans, which we believe most people find very useful as we certainly find helpful as building Surveyors.

We have carried out our own research on Purplebricks by talking to a few of our clients who have used Purplebricks who have commented that the service is very different as Purplebricks do not have an office and meet with their clients at the property at all times and tend to be available later than other estate agents that they have come across.

We have equally spoken to the Purplebricks estate agents that we have met whilst carrying out structural building surveys and have found them experienced estate agents albeit we have only met a small proportion.  As with any company you are not able to get it right every time; us included.

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Do Purplebricks offer services for landlords?

We can only answer this by looking at their sales material that says that yes, Purplebricks have a wide range of services to support landlords. Purplebricks offers one of the largest databases of tenants in the U.K. and their technology allows prospective tenants to find your property and book a viewing easily. You will have an Expert, with local knowledge, to conduct the viewings, who will also sort out professional photos and a description of your property.

Furthermore, there are three options to choose from when it comes to getting support from Purplebricks, of which more information can be found on their easy to use website. The cover ranges from conducting viewings and moving the tenant in, to a more comprehensive support such as rent collection and legal notices.

We have not dealt with Purplebricks in this capacity and therefore are unable to comment further.

Purplebricks Experts help You through the whole process - or so Purplebricks marketing says

You will have the support of Purplebricks and your Expert to guide and assist you through the whole process. You can also manage your let online and the app allows you to view live stats, information on your property and communicate with your tenants.

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Do Purplebricks offer services for tenants?

Yes, using the Purplebricks technology you can book viewings instantly. You can also sign up for property alerts so you will not miss out on the latest properties on the market. You can track all your favourite properties and receive alerts surrounding that property. You can also make offers 24/7.

Is Purplebricks easy to use?

As part of writing this article we have had a look at the Purplebricks website and found it:-

  1. Very easy to use
  2. There is a useful property search
  3. There is live help from a member of the Purplebricks support team.
  4. The Purplebricks website and app allow you to track your sale or let, change your property advert instantly, get up to the minute information and receive feedback and advice about your sale.

Other estate agents have a lot to say about Purplebricks

As you can imagine, there is a large amount of comment about Purplebricks on various forums that we have looked at with estate agents commenting on Purplebricks, which is very interesting.  We suggest that you Google search to read these comments.  Many forums discuss do Purplebricks do anything different to a normal estate agent? and also there are comments that talk about the hidden costs such as on moneysavingexpert.

Purplebricks is it a good investment?

We have seen on Motley Fool Investment Guide and a few websites discussing the Purplebricks model if it is good to invest in Purplebricks?  - however, they indicate, at time of writing this article, that Purplebricks is losing money, which may be part of their model as they fight to gain market share.  

Bricks and Mortar Estate Agencies developing services online

We have also read an article from Countrywide, the largest estate agency who are developing their own online services.  Countrywide operate under 47 different brands often, in our experience, having different brands in the same area so you don't actually know that you are buying from Countrywide one way or another!  Countrywide also have their own solicitors and own valuers.  As far as we understand, they are developing three different pilot online services on current brands that they own (namely Spencers, Leicestershire and Rutland, Austin and Wyatt, Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire and Frank Innes, East Midlands).  On 3rd August 2016 Countrywide reported that they had plans to revival Purplebricks expansion.  They have subsequently decided to put 50% of their sales and letting services online in 2017.

Countrywide's tag line is "Integrated solutions local expertise".

Connells, another big player in the traditional bricks and mortar estate agencies purchased Hatch in November 2015 and Savills have bought a stake in Yopa in 2016.

On 3rd August 2016 Countrywide reported that they had plans to revival Purplebricks expansion.

EweMove is another online estate agency, which was bought by The Property Franchise Group who also own Martin & Co Plc, Ellis & Co,  Parkers, C J Hole and Whitegates estate agencies

EweMove interestingly also use the term "local property expert".

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