Does the render need replacing?


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Does a building survey tell you whether the render needs replacing?

Blown or hollow render

In a word, yes.

We normally give an estimate of how much it would cost to replace the render.

It does depend upon a number of factors and there may be ways to repair the render although you have to be very careful with render as if it is not re-rendered professionally then this can stand out.



What is the render hiding?

What does this patch of render hide?

As Building Surveyors, we would ask what is the render hiding, if anything? This may well be our first question as over the years we have found that render has been used not only as a decorative finish or a more economical finish but also to hide problems. Is it hiding poor quality workmanship, is it hiding movement cracks or is it just a nice decorative finish.

We must emphasise you will be surprised over the years how many times we have found render is hiding cracks in properties that are only visible when you truly understand how the building works and the forces in the building.



Can you tell this property has been underpinned from the condition of the render in the photos below?


A rendered section – has the building been underpinned?

Next to this corner is a bay window – does this help you understand if this property has been underpinned or if there are problems with it?

Yes, this property has been underpinned. In this case the owner had repainted the render which we became suspicious about. We noted other factors in the property which allowed us to see there were problems.

Examining the render for cracks

Hairline cracking


We do of course look closely at the render for cracks or other defects that indicate the render is being used to hide something.

However equally we look at the property as a whole and understand what we term as the 3D puzzle, which is how the building fits together.




Hairline cracking barely visible in the photo – we use a pen to indicate where it is.


We may find, for example, that the roof has been amended, altered or parts removed which has resulted in cracks being caused to the walls and the render or equally we could be looking to the future to some extent where we believe that cracks will occur.

Such things as distorted door frames and window frames give a good indication of this. Again, we come back to the fact that render is such a good material for hiding problems.



Age of the render matters

Blown or hollow render

When you have render problems you are talking about a considerable sum of money to make good any render issues. The first thing to understand is that render is an exterior face that is applied to another surface and over time loses its key or grip on that surface. It will also deteriorate externally and may even crack albeit that this is a hairline crack and dampness may get under the render. This ultimately would mean that the property has to be re-rendered.

A Building Surveyor when carryout out a Property Report needs to be looking for signs of deterioration to the render or old repairs, which can give away there will be future problems.

Hairline crack defined

Literally a crack that is as thin as a hair.

Blistering starting to occur to the render

Signs of previous repairs

Poor quality render around newly installed plastic window


Render which looked in reasonable condition, when tapped the render was hollow

When render was opened up it was sandy.

Smooth render

Pebbledash render

Stippled render

Render Detailing – how to tell if the original render was of a good standard

You can normally tell whether the render is of a good standard or not by the drip detailing over the windows and the bell mouth to the base of the property.


Window drip detail

Window Drips help throw any excess water away from the window frames and therefore stop them from deteriorating as detailed in the Window Drip sketch below.


Drip detail over window

Window drip

Bell mouth to base of property

A bell-mouth is a curve at the base of a wall which throws the water away from the structure therefore preventing dampness.


Bell mouth detail

Bell mouth

Black painted line to imitate bell mouth

Briefest look at render

This article has given the briefest look at render; there is so much more that we could say. At the end of the day the problems are normally specific and different for each property.


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