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Great Service - detailed and easy to understand surveys

This is the 3rd survey we have had with 1stAssociated and the service every time has been great. The reports I have found very detailed and easy to understand and I am pleased to say I will be going ahead with the purchase of this property and would not hesitate in recommending 1stAssociated to my friends and family in the future. Thank you! 

Mr H, Warwickshire

Saved thousands with a survey

I found that meeting the surveyor really helped when walking around with him and then receiving the report made everything about the house a lot clearer. Due to the findings in this report we have been able to negotiate with the purchase price, which has really helped and saved thousands. The surveyor was really friendly and was happy to chat to me about my questions and give extra advice. Also, the ladies in the office kept in touch with the process of my report from the start to the finish. Overall, a great service and we would 100% recommend to friends and family. Thank you!!! 

Mr J, London

Surveyors with Listed Building expertise

The property we instructed you to survey was a Grade ll listed thatched farmhouse built in 1670 so we wanted a full building survey. On making our initial enquiry we were promptly sent an example survey of a listed building and advised if we instructed then the surveyor that would carry out the survey would be a listed building specialist, which gave us confidence. We were given the option to meet the surveyor at the property but as we live in London and the property was in Bedfordshire we were unable to make it but were able to speak with the surveyor by phone which was great. The report was really good and made an interesting read although due to the findings of the survey such as the thatch nearing the end of its life, woodworm problems and the tiled roof needing to be retiled and also finding out about proposed developments on the land surrounding the house we came to the decision to pull out of the purchase. We would like to thank all involved and would not hesitate in recommending you to friends and family in the future. 

Mr & Mrs M, London

Don't buy a problem property buy a survey

I called 1stAssociated as I had seen a detached property I was interested in which also formed a kennel and cattery business although my plan was to bulldoze the kennels. The garage which was 20ft or so away from the property appeared to be riddled with woodworm and I was concerned this had gone into the house. The downstairs floors were bouncy and I also wanted this checked out. I met the surveyor at the property who recommended we have a section of the floor opened up so he could see what was going on underneath. The floor was opened up in the lounge and dining room and although the surveyor saw no clear signs of woodworm he advised as the property was on a sloping sight it was highly likely there was dampness there. The surveyor also found problems with the main pitched roof and flat roofs, movement and external joinery concerns. Without this survey, I probably would have bought the property and I would like to thank the surveyor for saving me a lot of money. 

Mr S, Bedfordshire

Know exactly what you are buying to avoid later costly building works

We have two small boys and we desperately need a bigger house and would love to move back home to Yorkshire. We were so excited to find a house which was everything we wanted and more. We instructed your surveyor to assess the property but as we live in Surrey myself and my husband were unable to attend. We were extremely happy with the report, which was very detailed and fully explained problems, solutions and even costs to either repair or replace. Also, we could not fault the quick turnaround time for the survey to be completed and emailed to us which was brilliant. The main problem highlighted within the report was the roof, without the surveyors detailed findings we would never have known the extent of the problems found. We are now really disheartened and not sure what to do as we love the house and the location but not the many problems found in the roof and within the house. The surveyor has been great and gave us his telephone number for us to call him with any questions so will be speaking with him shortly as we are unsure whether to try and negotiate on the price or pull out completely. If we don't go ahead with this property we would not hesitate in using 1st Associated again and would like to thank everyone for their hard work. 

Mr K, Surrey

Free Example Surveys - see examples before you book

When we enquired about a survey on a Victorian property we were interested in purchasing we were sent an example survey report, which was the deciding factor of us instructing you. We compared your example report against another surveyor’s example reports and decided to go with you as your report was very easy to understand with pictures and sketches throughout, which explained any problems. We are going ahead with the property surveyed. Thank you! 

Mrs J, Lincolnshire

So pleased we did not listen to estate agent and had a survey

We were very near to completing on this property. Our estate agent had nearly talked us into not having an independent survey but we felt we needed a professional eye and are so pleased now we did! We had concerns re some damp patches in the property but our main concern was whether the kitchen extension had been built to building regulations standard. Our survey was arranged very efficiently and we met surveyor at the property which was really helpful. The survey highlighted poor quality work problems with the kitchen extension so we now have to decide whether to negotiate on the price or walk away. 

Miss T, Kent

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