Why use us for your building surveys?

1.    We are independent.  Most surveyors are owned by either the mortgage company, the building society or the estate agents.
2.    We always send the correct person for the job - for example we will send a building surveyor not a valuer.  Otherwise it's a bit like sending a plumber to change a window.
3.    All our surveyors are properly equipped with the latest tools.  For example, laser levels, electronic damp meters and x 16 optical zoom digital cameras.
4.    You get a personal service, our surveyors are always available to talk about the survey and will offer useful advice on your potential purchase.
5.    The survey can be tailored to your requirements.  If there is a particular issue, this can be focused upon.
6.    The building surveys include digital photography and diagrams (both hand drawn and computer-generated) to explain specific defects.
7.    The building surveys are specific to your property; they are not mass produced documents full of meaningless jargon.
8.    We are working for you, so we only have your interest in mind.  A surveyor owned by a mortgage company is working for the mortgage company - not you.
9.    In our building survey we provide a concise summary with photos of any specific issues and action required.
10.  We won't make a mountain out of a molehill and will provide predicted costs for major works.

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