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Independent Building Surveyors

We are independent building surveyors, which means we are not linked to or owned by an estate agent or lending institute, and as a result we are only working with your best interests in mind.  Since we are solely surveyors, we can keep our overheads down and ultimately our prices as well.

We provide free quotes on Building Surveys

We offer free quotes on surveys and can usually save you money on the cost of the survey.  We provide surveys quickly and we feel the quality of our building surveys are one of the best on the market.  We offer a reasoned view, based upon our knowledge and experience; we don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.  Equally if we think the property has problems we say so in a clear, jargon-free manner. 

Survey Sketches and Photographs in our Survey Reports

We also use survey sketches, photographs, aerial view - 360 photos and digital images throughout our survey reports to clarify what we are saying.

Sketch showing heat loss through sloping ceiling

Having a survey carried out on the property that you intend to buy will give you the extra peace of mind that you are buying the right one.

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Fast Surveys

We think we are the fastest without compromising quality, here’s how we do it.

Need a quick survey to secure the purchase of a property?

We feel we offer the fastest survey to completed report time available.  It is not compromising quality, we have various systems in place that allow us to view and inspect the property slowly and produce the report quickly, in fact very quickly. 

What makes our surveys and reports speed so quick?

Example photo of a Georgian house

We utilise a database that we have been developing for over a decade that is only available to our building surveyors to analyse defects and faults in structures based upon the era of the property, any alterations made to it and its location.  This is as well as having an experienced Chartered Surveyor that understands properties inside out.

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Electronically gathered report information from the Structural Surveys

All our data, however the Building Surveyor gathers it (we leave them to their choice of how to gather the information, as it is important they spot any problems in the way they are most happiest) so all the information has been gathered, electronically forwarded to the Surveyor’s assistant/PA, who gathers further information and ensures the first draft of the survey is carried out and completed either the same day or first thing the next morning.  All photos of course are digital and of high resolution and all dictation and communication is digital.

Fast surveys that are double checked

The second draft of the surveys are then completed as soon as possible, having already had a first check by the Surveying Assistant/PA.  The second draft is then received and the Surveyor reviews the Building Survey making any additions or amendments which are adjusted in the Survey Report by the Surveying Assistant/PA.  The Surveyor then reviews the Survey again and makes the final amendment and then the report is passed back to the Surveying Assistant / PA to complete.

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Survey to view almost instantly via our password controlled website

This is the stage where you get to view the Survey Report and also your solicitor has access to the report and indeed anyone else that you authorise to do so.

Because these are comprehensive reports, looking at the property in detail with an Executive Summary for the most important areas of the property of concern, it does mean that they are generally too large for us to email.  Due to this we have devised a system whereby you are forwarded a password allowing you to access the report and view it, you can then download it to your computer.   Don’t ask us how the technology works, but we know it does work as we have used it literally over 10 years plus, (although of course it has been updated during that time).

Quality of the Survey

Whilst we appreciate that speed is essential in many property transactions, equally it is pointless having a worthless poor quality Structural Survey that doesn’t give you the information you require!  Or worse still, as you are not familiar with potential problems or able to interpret Surveyor speak (some Structural Surveyors really have developed a language of their own) the Structural Survey goes from being a useful document to understand the property, the costs and how to negotiate and being a high risk document that you may have to pay for, for years to come.

All our structural surveys are written in plain English, identify problems, give solutions and give anticipated costs.

Circles and ovals in our Survey Reports

We use red circles and ovals in our survey reports to emphasise important points in our surveys.  This makes our surveys easy to understand and clearly defines any issues or characteristics of the property so you know exactly what you are buying before you commit to purchase.

Oval around sliding sash windows in a Georgian house
Spalling brickwork
Circle showing woodworm in roof timbers
Poor cement detailing to parapet walls

All Chartered Surveyors are not the same

Just in case you have been misled into thinking that asking for an Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or Chartered Surveyor is all you need when carrying out a survey, we would say that the RICS qualification or the Chartered Surveyor qualification is the absolute minimum and you do need to check the following three things:-


That you are getting the right type of property professional (the skills range over a whole spectrum of property) from the traditional view of a Surveyor with a theodolite and looking at land level to the Chartered Building Surveyor, which is what you need for a Structural Survey. 

The Chartered Surveyors involved in new build projects and cost analysis really shows there is a considerable range of skills available. 

So check what division of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors the Surveyor is in.

Modern Dry-Lined properties under construction


Chartered Surveyors come in two main variations:-

  1. There is the basic membership MRICS (Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)
  2. There is the Fellow Membership given to those who have shown particular expertise in their field and you can see this type of Surveyor from the FRICS designate (Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).
Example of an Art Deco property


The third point and many would argue the most important point, is to see examples of their work of similar types of property.  By similar, we mean very similar.  We often get referred to where other Surveyors have been unhappy to carry out the work due to its specialist nature, such as a listed building or even what we would term as a period or old building, one in a conservation area to modern eco-buildings or non-traditional buildings and everything in between if the Surveyor is not used to this type of building structure. 

Example photo of a non-traditional terrace

Other Specialists Beware

To some extent the Surveyor that advises you, they are not skilled in this area is most helpful!  As the other scenario that we come across, is where the Surveyor has taken on carrying out the survey and they realise they haven’t got the skill level to carry it out and within the summary section, refer you to other companies or what they will term as specialists such as a Damp Proof Company, a Woodworm Company or even a Structural Surveyor. 

We would state that any Surveyor carrying out a Structural Survey should not need to refer you onto a specialist, particularly specialists such as woodworm treatment and wet rot and dry rot and woodworm.  The Surveyor from his training and experience and continued professional development, should know far more about this matter.


Clear definitions

We include in our Building Surveys not only descriptions, photos and sketches but also, where appropriate, clear definitions of terms used when describing property issues such as:-

Wet Rot Defined:

Wet rot, also known by its Latin name Contiophora puteana, is far more common than dry rot.  Wet rot darkens and softens the wood and is most commonly seen in window and door frames, where it can relatively easily be remedied.  Where wet rot affects the structural timbers in a property, which are those in the roof and the floor areas, it is more serious.

Dry Rot Defined:

Dry rot is also sometimes known by its Latin name Serpula lacrymans.  Dry rot requires constant dampness together with a warmish atmosphere and can lead to extensive decay in timber.

Whilst we know you need a survey fast you also need good quality information that can help you and ensure that you buy the right property at the right price.

Freephone 0800 298 5424 for your free Example Survey

We are more than happy to show you that we are experienced in carrying out surveys on your type of property.  Please phone free on 0800 298 5424 and challenge us to send an example survey similar to your property, I am sure we can.  We can also send you articles about the likely problems on your particular property and what to look out for and even meet you at the property to give you the information first hand.  In fact we are more than happy for you to walk round a survey with us.

We can email you examples of our building surveys

We are more than happy to email you several examples of our tailor made reports that we have carried out on similar properties although we do appreciate that all properties are unique.

We really believe that you should see what you are getting in the form of an example Survey.  What is more is that we are so confident with our higher than average standards that we believe that there is no other comparable survey available in the UK property and surveying market.

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